November 2011
DAB LAB Gallery, University of Technology Sydney

The series of works within the PHASE exhibition emerged out of a process of research which explored ideas of a multi-level representation of surface, depth and how pattern can be seen, touched and felt, and is not always permanent in nature.

The textile investigations explored a combination of hand and technological processes.

The jacquard technique uses individual threads to embed pattern within the structure of fabric. As the fabric is made, the yarns are used in conjunction with woven structures to create tonal visualisations of an image, thus replacing the drawn surface with a structural interpretation.

The hand-woven textile experimentations explored the reaction between high-tech and noble fibres. A silk/steel yarn originally developed for use as security air bags was used in combination with noble fibres such as linen and cashmere.

The reaction between these fibres produced organic surfaces that speak of tactile visual interpretations of both pattern and memory.

The exhibition acted as a cross-disciplinary research platform investigating the nature of pattern, surface and image and its application not only in fashion but also within disciplines such as architecture.