As a practitioner, my creative and artistic practice focuses on the construction of the image through gestural drawn mark-making, and engages with mixed analogue and digital techniques to generate abstract and interpretive images.

The aim of my practice is to explore the potentials of the uncommon and transitional by working within an inter-disciplinary context and connecting with diverse creative disciplines, including photography, film, art and installation.

The transitional moments of creativity between mediums are seen as disruptive, challenging and fluid sites of engagement for both the artist and the viewer.

In particular my intention is to develop an expanded, open practice through using a disruptive drawing methodology where the inter-relationships between the drawn gesture, body and space cross through and between sites of process.

My research and artistic practice explore the possibility of using the image/garment/artefact produced not as a final outcome but as an interpretive tool.

My practice aims to explore and open up potentials for the dressed body to be re-framed or re-presented within an ephemeral and transient context across site and surface, be it image, artefact or space, and contribute to another way of experiencing image and body within the disciplines of both art and design.

I have participated in exhibitions that reflect this expansive and explorative approach, and which challenge perceptions of the inter-related nature of art and design practices, held in London, Florence, Melbourne and Sydney.

Professionally, I've worked internationally across diverse creative disciplines and Industries, including fashion and textile design, art direction and curatorial practice.

As an academic, I've worked as a design lecturer across degree and Masters programs at leading universities in London, Sri Lanka and Australia.

I am currently a lecturer on the Fashion & Textiles Design Program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and am undertaking a PhD by practice at RMIT.