May 2016
Contact Sheet Gallery, Sydney
Exhibited in the STILLNESS group show as part of the Head On photography festival

The imagery within the CABINET series explores how photographs have the potential to be transformative in relation to surface, site and structure.

The series is a documentation of a spatial intervention and also a performative act using the power of light and the photographic image.

CABINET takes our traditional understanding and use of light within photographic process — where the image is exposed on a sensitised surface — and re-configures it to one where the image interacts, activates and sensitises architectural form and structural surface.

Abstract photographic images were projected onto sites chosen for their ability to resonate and connect with the viewer and to be interpreted as cabinets or spaces of wonder and contemplation.

These spaces of cultural, social and theological significance were revealed by the medium of light, in a process of emergence and becoming, 

This enables an emotional, visual and physical connection to be made — a connection that challenges expected notions of our engagement with the photographic image according to its spatial context.

CABINET aims to document an emotional and transformative experience for both the artist and the observer, where forms shift through spaces, structure and image.