Armando Chant and Donna Sgro
August to October 2014
Tamworth Regional Gallery
Created in collaboration with Donna Sgro
Exhibited in the GROUP EXCHANGE show as part of the Tamworth Textile Triennial and touring nationally in 2015-16

CLOUD-SCAPE is a textile installation that aims to materialise the image of the land in the process of elemental change. 

It does this through a process of reconstructing a visual image through material techniques. As a result, a hybrid, multi-sensorial shifting of image and surface is experienced in the gallery space.

The work is perceived as a mirage, activated through its engagement with light in different gallery contexts, shifting and changing its appearance. The effect is an illusionary landscape which seems to draw together internal and external space. 

CLOUD-SCAPE explores the technique of disruptive imagery through constructed textile, combining analogue and digital methods.

Landscape photography was digitally manipulated and printed onto fabric which was then hand-cut and reconstructed to disrupt the original image of the land.

As a result, landscape becomes image and image becomes landscape. 

Cloud-scape was one of only two works acquired by the Tamworth Regional Gallery from the 2014 Textile Triennial for its permanent collection of Australian textiles.