May 2015
Basilica Santa Croce, Florence

INTER: REFLECTION is a film installation depicting fragments of imagery, garment and body. It oscillates between revealing and concealing, never fixed and continually evolving.

The work explores the effect of ‘transitional’ imagery and the non-defined fashion image on the viewer.

The work considers the transitional fashion image and its spatial extension as an enchanting space of encounter, realised through the projected image and brought to life by the ephemeral nature of light, movement and time.

This space is being considered as a transformative, ever-changing environment where a visual and imagined engagement can potentially alter traditional modes of perception, experience and display of both fashion and the fashioned image.

In this way it becomes a facilitator for an act of personal reflection and a conduit for a projective engagement.

INTER: REFLECTION challenges traditional approaches to the content and context of the fashion image and its siting in relation to other disciplinary practices such as art, architecture and installation.

This form of engagement with the fashion image breaks down our reliance on the physical artefact, whereby the actual garment does not need to be there. Instead, its presence is indicated or suggested through visual and imaginative interaction.