March 2015
Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
Exhibited as part of Art Month Sydney



The works exhibited look at the way that the image reflects the expansive and transitional, where visual information lies in the shadows or is revealed through its very absence.

This opens up possibilities for alternative 'readings' or methods of viewing the image, where fragments become part of a story pieced together.

A potential narrative of the fashion image in transition can be told in a manner that is open and undefined and which the viewer can interpret in a number of ways, depending on personal experience, memory and imagination.

Thus it acts in the same way as pages within a book, activating our imagination the more we read.

The body of work exhibited combines multiple analogue and digital processes, and explores the relationship between the body, image and garment. Fashion is not directly represented within the image — rather, it is evoked.

The photographs are expansive, exploring a panoramic format that reaches out beyond our field of view. This induces a visual experience that is continually unfolding and multiplying.

These are images that the viewer must take time to get to know. They are transitory and undefined, encouraging personal interactions that question our personal reference points to image, body and pattern.