February 2016
Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
Exhibited as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

TRANSITION is a single-channel film installation that explores the blurred intersections and in-between spaces of image, garment, space and body.

It provides time for a more ‘reflexive’ experience of the performative image in movement, in reference to its visual and spatial environment.

The film depicts a multi-layered performance where body becomes image, and image becomes body, inducing a multi-faceted experience.

TRANSITION opens up an opportunity for experiencing the image and the imaginary within the virtual and constructed space of the film frame and its spatial siting.

The experience of the work is of being witness to an ‘unreal’ re-staged event happening in the present moment. It explores the interaction between the real and the unreal, time and movement, where the body is caught between stages of movement, gesture and performance, and in a process of slow and gradual emergence.

The work questions who or what is present within the scene that is unfolding, and their role. 

TRANSITION acts as a subtle disruptive intervention within an architectural, spatial and urban setting, transforming the everyday experience of our urban environment into one of an encounter with the poetic.


Designer and artistic director: Armando Chant
Director: Paul Bevan
Editor: Jack Dunbar
Dancers: Janina Smith, Chloe Mead
Choreographer: Bartek Woszczynski
Hair: Chris Rea
Make-up: Chia Ying Wu